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Hi, I am Kevin Bates. I am an expirienced Devops Engineer who loves automating processes. I am very proficient with Powershell, have multiple years of expirience in managing large environments with different configuration management tools. I am also familiar with software deployment processes and try to combine my skills as a sys admin with the birds eye view of a developer.

Computer Tastatur


Unlock the full potential of your IT operations with our comprehensive consultancy and training services. From PowerShell scripting and Ansible automation to GitLab CI/CD pipelines, we offer expertise tailored to your organization's needs. Our consultancy services provide expert guidance in PowerShell code development, Ansible automation implementation, and GitLab CI/CD pipeline optimization, ensuring streamlined workflows and increased efficiency. Additionally, our tailored PowerShell training courses empower your team with the skills needed to excel in scripting and automation, from fundamentals to advanced techniques. Whether you're seeking consultancy solutions or hands-on training, trust us to equip your team with the knowledge and tools necessary to drive success in your IT projects.

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